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Madame Peg beautiful colourful clothing pegs uv-resistant soft grip and strong hold pegs for your clothesline.
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About Us

Our French Pegs are funky, functional and fun!

Madame Peg is the exclusive distributor of a European range of fun and functional laundry products. At Madame Peg Australia, providing our clients with expert, efficient and friendly service is very important to us.


We strive to ensure you are satisfied with both our fantastic laundry  pegs and the delivery.

  • Our ideal is to supply our customers with pegs that are functional, innovative and with an emphasis on quality, value and durability.
  • Madame’s Pegs are made in France, from UV treated plastic, with galvanised springs and wire.
  • Design and manufacturing methodologies conform to the highest standards, enhancing the use and durability of our pegs.

We welcome comments that would help us achieve our goal of providing great quality pegs
to Australian clotheslines in an efficient manner.